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Pandemic Volunteers is a global network of local volunteering crews

Help your community more effectively and efficiently by partnering with neighborhood volunteers backed by local coordination crews following well-defined guidelines.

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Available roles

Elderly Crews

Think of a very transmissive virus just like SARS-CoV-2 but much more deadly. This is what your elderly neighbors deal with. They need your help to survive this pandemic. Assist them with simple tasks like shopping. Do not expose them to even a minor risk by disinfecting every item you hand to them.

Coordination Crews

Help us coordinate your local crews. Conduct interviews of new applicants. Answer local crews support requests. Connect us with local hospitals and partners. Even a few hours a week can help us achieve our mission of mobilizing millions of volunteers globally.


Aid Crews
mobile coming soon

Doctors and nurses don’t only care for their patients, but also their children, parents, and pets. Take care of healthcare workers by volunteering to check in on their loved ones. We need them, and they need you.

video call

Triage Crews
remote coming soon

COVID-19 patients with mild symptoms are instructed to treat themselves at home. Most of them are unable to judge their condition and lack the required knowledge not to infect their households. Read our required guidelines and use online triage tools to help patients on evaluating their conditions with video or phone calls.


Hospital Crews
at hospitals requires immunity coming soon

Nurses and other hospital staff work 24/7 at this moment. This unsustainable work demand decreases the quality of medical care and costs lives. Join a group of volunteers at your local hospital to help medical staff. Ease the lives of the heroes of our time. Disinfect personal protective equipment. Help with logistics.

Research Ambassadors
remote requires credentials coming soon

There are around 140 studies published about COVID-19 every day. Applying the insights from these studies are crucial in determining the best treatments. Reach out to your local hospital and create a chat group with their busy doctors. Inform them about the latest actionable guidelines we curate. Direct their questions to our team.

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