Pandemic Volunteers is an international humanitarian NGO in the works.
We are an international team of around 20 contributors from 7 countries working to have a global impact in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic!

🧭 Mission

Mobilize millions of volunteers globally to join the fight against COVID-19 and future pandemics.

🔭 Vision

Giving volunteering prospects around the world volunteering guidelines and support so that they can have a direct impact on the fight.

⚖️ Values

🚀 Move with urgency and focus

We need to act faster than our enemy: The current pandemic. That requires moving with urgency. Moving with urgency is onokly possible with focus.

💥 Have the largest impact

We could not afford to limit our scope. We can help millions of people around the world and we will.

😊 Take pride

We care about doing the right thing and we are proud of it.

🔓 Be transparent

We believe in embracing transparency and openness. Read about our operations in our public knowledge base and have a look at our open-source software on our GitHub.

💼 Work with us!

We need new colleagues to work on human resources, operations and more. Join us if you could help!

Please schedule a call through here.